Planning for a (fairly) normal year


Advisor training will be virtual for september & october 2021

Advisors were happy with the virtual option for training last year, so we will continue that model for Fall 2021. See the WTSA Calendar for specific dates and times.

Fall events are planned as virtual and in-person

WTSA has made some changes to the lineup of events for Fall 2021. There will be in-person events in October, November and December for students. See Calendar of Events

Virtual Chapter Officr Workshops - Oct. 13 & 21

Live Chapter Officer Workshop - Oct. 16 - Yakima

LeaderCon Live - Nov. 30 - Yakima (with FBLA)

All advisors should schedule a virtual chapter visit, to be completed by the end of December. Schedule your virtual chapter visit here. Choose times/dates that work for your chapter, and some of the state officers will join you to discuss the topics you want discussed. These will all be free (included with your affiliation).

competition deadlines

We will have a December 10 deadline to register for TSA competition, cost is $30 per student.

We will have a January 20 deadline to submit entries for ALL competitive events, for judge feedback.

We will have a February 11 deadline to register for the TSA State Conference, if students met the Dec. and Jan. deadlines.

2022 State conference will be In-person at the doubletree

The State Conference will be held at the DoubleTree Seatac March 16-19, 2022.

Promotional materials

Washington TSA has posters, calendars, stickers and other promotional materials that advisors can use to promote TSA within their school(s).

Once you affiliate for the year, we will send 1 calendar, and 2 CTE Safe Space posters. Please indicate how many stickers and competitive event posters you would like to receive, using the form. We will send MS or HS posters, depending on your level

Order promotional materials


We are updating our website more often, and will be providing more resources there, so please check it regularly.