Your 2021-22 WTSA State Officers!

The WTSA State Officers hope to support all TSA students. Please use the email links below their photos to contact them with questions, or suggestions.

2021–2022 WTSA State Officers (left to right): President Thea Smith, Goldendale; Vice President Thalisa Saldivar, Toppenish; Secretary Rohinee Mattikalli, Eastlake; Treasurer Madison McNeal, Everett; Reporter Tanya Naveen, North Lake; Sergeant-at-Arms Nolan Pierce, Newport.

2021–2022 WTSA State Officers (left to right): President Thea Smith, Goldendale; Vice President Thalisa Saldivar, Toppenish; Secretary Rohinee Mattikalli, Eastlake; Treasurer Madison McNeal, Everett; Reporter Tanya Naveen, North Lake; Sergeant-at-Arms Nolan Pierce, Newport.

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Dozens of officer teams have led our organization. In addition, some Washington TSA members have been elected to serve as national officers. We’re grateful for their contributions!

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Meet the Officers


thea smith, State President

Goldendale High School

Hi WTSA, I’m Thea, your state president from Goldendale. This will be my 7th year in TSA. Over the years I competed in Catapult Design, Off the Grid, VEX, Prepared Speech and Career Prep in middle school, as well as Prepared Presentation, Extemp Speech, VEX and Problem Solving in high school. My hobbies include swimming, robotics, running, and hanging out with my sisters.  

I joined WTSA in 5th grade and have made countless friends and memories throughout the years. TSA has improved not only my professional and leadership skills, but also my public speaking and time management skills.

Thank you for electing me as one of your state officers again this year. I am incredibly honored to represent all of you, middle school and high school, and to work with this new officer team. As a state officer, I want to work to improve activities and experiences for both middle and high school students. I want to also make sure that WTSA has quality teaching experiences for all kids so that everyone can develop skills they will use throughout their lives in school and careers. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you soon!

Your input helps us make changes and improvements to WTSA that will benefit all members, and I would like to hear from you all. You can email me at, and I’m always willing to hop on a call to discuss your thoughts or answer questions!


thalisa saldivar, Vice President

Toppenish High School

Hey people! I’m Thalisa Saldivar, and I’m happy to be your 2021-22 state vice president. I’m a Senior from Toppenish High School and this is my 6th year in TSA, and my third as a state officer! My favorite event is definitely VEX Robotics.

I ran for office after deciding I needed to do more. I have always been taught education is the great equalizer, and it’s my absolute passion. The impacts CTE and CTSOs are having on all of us, whether they’re increasing our public speaking abilities, or giving students a reason to continue going to school, are all significant. TSA is a key part of all this and gives me a platform to continue advocating for its importance, and of course all of you!

Aside from TSA this will be my sixth year in VEX Robotics! (Team 609B) I also partake in clubs such as Speech & Debate, National Honor Society (NHS),  and a couple others. I’m obsessed with jewelry, peanut butter, and heels. And I love thrifting, cooking, and singing in the car to music a lot too loud! I wish everyone an amazing and memorable year of TSA...this time hopefully for all the right reasons and not the wrong ones! 


rohinee mattikalli, Secretary

Eastlake High School

Hi Washington TSA! My name is Rohinee Mattikalli and I am a senior at Eastlake High School. I am beyond excited to be serving for another year on this amazing officer team as your 2021-2022 WTSA State Secretary.

From the time I joined as a tiny middle schooler to now, TSA has provided me with endless opportunities to continue to grow on important skills from public speaking to interview skills. My personal journey through TSA inspired my goals to bring the same experience to more students, which is why I joined the state officer team. Competitive events continue to be one of my favorite parts of TSA where I have explored subjects like environmental science in Biotechnology Design and animation in Science Visualizations.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time on adventures in the outdoors, swimming, napping, and playing the piano. In addition, I love contributing to my community with projects to promote environmental sustainability.

I hope to connect with you all throughout this year, so I can learn about your passions and experiences that can grow through TSA. Let’s make this TSA year the best one yet!


madison mcneal, Treasurer

Everett High School

Hey WTSA! My name’s Madison McNeal, and I’m super excited to be able to serve all of you as your state treasurer. Currently, I’m a junior at Everett High School, and this is my 5th year as a TSA member.

I fell in love with TSA in 6th grade because of all of the fun competitions and opportunities that TSA provides, and since then I have learned that TSA is so much more than just fun. TSA provides its members with valuable skills and connections that will be important for the rest of our lives, and I’m honored to be able to help you all have fun, develop skills, make connections, and more. I’m also looking forward to being able to meet you all and hear how we can best serve you as a state officer team. 

Outside of TSA, I enjoy participating in community service in National Honor Society, promoting equality in Black Student Union, and competing in cross country and wrestling. Some of my hobbies outside of school are drawing, gaming, and reading.


tanya naveen, Reporter

North Creek High School

Hey Washington TSA! My name is Tanya Naveen -  I’m a senior at North Creek High School and I’m excited to serve as your State Reporter for the 2021-2022 school year!

This is my third year in TSA, and it’s truly been one of the highlights of my high school journey. TSA has played a pivotal role in developing my leadership and communication skills while strengthening my passion for science and technology. I’ve come to appreciate the TSA community and the opportunities TSA offers more than anything, and my passion for TSA excites me to serve on the state officer team!

Outside of TSA, I enjoy playing the piano and the violin, and I love playing in the chamber orchestra at my school. I also have an online art shop that I run in my spare time. 

As a state officer, I hope to extend the same fantastic experience I had within TSA to every middle and high school student in Washington. I can’t wait to meet you all, and I look forward to a fantastic year ahead!


nolan pierce, Sergeant-At-Arms

Newport High School

Hello Washington TSA! My name is Nolan Pierce, and I am your 2021-2022 Sergeant-at-Arms. I am a junior at Newport High School, which is north of Spokane, and this will be my second year participating in TSA. I am looking forward to another fun year, and honored to be serving on your State Officer team.

My hobbies include playing video games, Football, Track and Field, and spending time with family and friends. I have always been very interested in technology and the effect it has on all of our futures. This is what made me want to join TSA in the first place. I am the president and founder of my local TSA chapter, and I am very excited to meet you all!